Ocoeur aka Franck Zaragoza
/Composer/Producer/Graphic designer (Bordeaux,France)

Franck Zaragoza, also known as Ocoeur, started playing music when he was still a child. Having learnt how to play the piano, he devoted most of his time to musical experimentation on rhythm and melody.
He soon came to discover computer music, with a growing interest for electronic music. Franck became familiar with artists such as Moby, Brian Eno, Apparat or Aphex Twin, who all had an influence in shaping his creativity.

In 2005, he produced and put out a few nervous, underground-sounding tracks on Audiogenic and Mackitek Records.
He wrote his first album the same year: Les Hommes ne savant pas voler, which was available for free, also introduced his new alias, Ocoeur. An electronica and IDM-influenced piece of work, the album was released through Barcelona-based label Musica Vermella, and unveils Franck Zaragoza's taste for dreamlike, melodramatic sounds. The release was received with enthusiasm, and was followed a few months later by Perçevoir, a similar-sounding EP.

In 2010, Franck Zaragoza contacted Tympanik Audio to try to be a part of the Emergency Organisms 4 compilation. As the feeling was good, Ocoeur was able to write « Ephemeral Beauty », that appeared on the project.

A new project with Hieros Gamos, a Bordeaux-based VJ was then started: the melting of their two worlds seemed natural, allowing for Ocoeur to try out new ideas. The duo went on to play on first-rank stages such as the 2013 edition of MIRA Festival or Bordeaux's Iboat.

Ocoeur released his second album, Light As A Feather, and signed a contract with n5MD Records. This new record was more intimate-sounding; it was also a step forward for its author, mixing glitched textures and ethereal pads. The album was acclaimed for its more sincere and precise style, both in terms of feeling and sound design.

The same year, a new 5-track EP was released, showcasing a more introspective sound, with Ben Lukas Boysen and Elise Mélinand remixing his track « Light ».

He finally released his new album, A Parallel Life, in 2014.

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